Wizards, Legos and Thor—Oh MY!!!

Mr. Evan is not really 6 yet.  His “real” birthday is still a couple of weeks away but since he opted for a trip instead of a birthday party this year, he already had his big celebration.  It was a weekend whirlwind of fun. 
Friday, both boys had field trips at school.  Mr. E and I went to the zoo. 

here we are waiting in line to get in

enormous sand turtle in the background

I don’t know how well you can see, but this is a huge male turkey who was fanning out all his feathers and gobbling LOUDLY–I guess he didn’t like this noisy bunch of kids so close


my boy with his best buds

how cute is it that they aren’t too big yet to hold hands?

fooling around in line



what cute guys!

with his teacher—Mrs. S—she is WONDERFUL!! and we LOVE her.  I may cry when he leaves her class for the last time next week.
Next up, zooming to Ft. Worth to see the Wizard of Oz.  The play was well done. The kids LOVED it.  We always ask them “what was your best part?” and both of them said they couldn’t pick a best part because they liked the whole thing sooo much.
Then up and at ’em early the next morning for LEGO Land discovery center.  I think I may have mentioned this before but E and his Daddy are crazy for Legos!!!
my niece and my boy

he is crazy excited!!

can you see the blur that is my niece?

we are in the waiting area and he is already “legoing”

learning how legos are made

chosen to participate in the demonstration

these figures were about as tall as E and completely made of legos

the four kids loaded up for the first ride

demonstration on how to make buildings to withstand earth quakes

Mr. G and C get building

waiting for the next ride, that’s my brother in law and nephew with C and E

how cute are these little bikes for the ride?

already to go.  they had to peddle to make their car go up and down

race car building

needing a little help from daddy

I think the big guys were having as much fun as the little ones

C still working on the earthquake

look at the little bitty cat in the building

help from dad

E is trying to build a earth quake proof building

testing their race cars

this one wasn’t a stellar success

look at the dallas stadium made from legos


the great wolf lodge

fair park and dallas skyline



gotta have some oil wells in Texas

Ranger stadium

THE ferris wheel

Lego land was really cool buut, once you’ve done it, you’ve done it.  It wasn’t nearly as large as we thought it was going to be from checking it out online.  And it didn’t take near as long as we expected it to.  We were done in a couple of hours.  So, since we were all starving, and we had extra time, we went next door to the dine in theatre and saw Thor and had a yummy lunch.  I think everyone liked the theatre as much or more than Legoland.  All four kids are already planning a return trip to the theatre!

Then we headed back to the house.  My parents came over to see the kids and we ate the Lego cake.

If I had more time I would have done somethign more complicated and detailed but E was happy with this.  Besides, I’ve got to make another bday cake on his actual birthday.

Happy birthday to you!!!

Make a wish baby!!!
He had a great weekend.  We all had lots of fun and the kids all played together so well (that’s a gift to the grown ups!)  Thanks to Nana and Granpa for joining us for the party.  And thanks to MayMay and Reg for letting us stay with you.  We had lots of fun!!!

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