Me, Me, ME!!!!

I wanna talk about MEEEEE!!!
(I’m sorry, if you listen to Kidd Kraddick you got that reference, if not, there is no way to explain)

So, I’m having my surgery tomorrow.  I mentioned this about a month ago.  I am having a uterine ablation, cervical cauterization, cervical biopsy, and, I found out today, a uterine biopsy. Now, before today, I was totally fine with all of this.  Not concerned about these “proceedures” at all.  I mean, it’s minor, outpatient, no big deal.  And that is how I felt right up to when my doctor kept saying “biopsy” and “pathology”. Then when she threw in the list of possible risks related to the surgery and anesthesia it kinda put me ’round the bend. 

Half my brain is thinking that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about.  Things will go smoothly and successfully.  The other half is saying  “umm, did you NOT hear the word biopsy?!”  So, I’m just going to tell that part to shut up and eat all I can right up ’til midnight when I start my 12+ hour fast. 

I’ll try to post an update tomorrow–Wednesday at the latest.


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