Mom—the word that cuts both ways

Mom, Mommy, Mama—-is there a sweeter word when you hear it from your baby’s mouth? 
Mama, I love you.
Mommy, you’re so pretty
Mom, you’re the best
These are the times that you cherish.  That you love your child more than words can ever describe. 

Then there is the other side of the coin…
Mom!  Where’s my ____?
Mommy!  He’s looking/touching/talking/breathing at me!!!!
Mom!!! Can you ___?  Will you ___?  Did you ____?  Do you _____?  Are you _____?
These are the times that give you a bride of Frakenstein hairdo.  That you want to run as far and as fast as you can.

I love my kids.  I love talking to my kids.  I would just like to talk to them when
1.  I’m not on the phone or talking to someone else
2.  I’m not in the bathroom
3.  I’m not in the middle of cooking dinner and trying to get them fed

I would love to talk to them when
1. we are driving hither yon, back forth, up down and all around going from school to lessons to practice and errands.  You know, they could tell me about their day rather than grunting, groaning, griping, whining and complaining.
2. when we are working on something together
3.  when we have one on one time with each other
4.  when we have a meal together.
These would be nice times to have a conversation with my kids, instead of , for example, when I am in the shower. 
Maybe I should start serving dinner in the bathroom while I hold a phone to my ear and then the boys and I can have great conversations! 


2 thoughts on “Mom—the word that cuts both ways

  1. Ummm…is it a kid thing, or are our boys related? ;o)Hope you're feeling better. Sorry I'm just now learning of your surgery. My computer has been down. Looking forward to catching up on your posts. Happy Saturday, sweet bloggy friend! :o)

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