In the sum, sum, summer time

1st I want to thank everyone who has posted a comment or sent an e-mail expressing well wishes and prayers for my health.  I am feeling good.  I haven’t gotten the biopsy results back yet, but I have a peace about it and I feel certain all will come back well

2nd I had posted a couple of weeks ago that Mr. G and I had been working on cleaning up the flower beds and getting the yard ready for summer.  Today we finally got the vast majority of the work done and I have some pictures to post.    So here ya’ go…

Look! My first hydrangea of the summer

The impatiens on my front porch are doing well.  And see the angel down in front of the geraniums?  She is a garden angel that Chris madefor me in pottery class

Mr. G thinks it is funny that I put this pot of petunias in the bird bath, I like the way it looks

I made this “welcome” pot.  There is a solar yard light inside so at night it is lit

Same deal with this one.

this is C’s peach tree

this is E’s peach tree

I painted all my terracotta pots for the deck this bright blue, now I’m kinda in love with spray paint

and I drilled holes in the bottom of these sand buckets I got at the $1 store and filled them with geraniums
The deck from afar

And this was sort of a Mother’s Day gift.  I saw a similar project and my father in law and Mr. G executed it for me.  The bottom is an old dresser.  My f.i.l. removed the drawers and braces and made a shelf.  He add the frame and the peg board to the back.  The Mr. G painted it for me.  Now it is a potting table!  The large pot to the right is an old plastic pot that is filled with my potting soil.  It is so much easier to get to now then when it is in the humogous Miracle Grow sack!
So there ya’ go, the fruits of our labors!  I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “In the sum, sum, summer time

  1. A peach tree?? You have a peach tree??? That's all I can think about now! Oh my–how I would LOVE to pull a peach right off the tree and eat one!!! How wonderful! :-)Also, I love all your pretty flowers and flower pots! What a great idea to use sandboxes next to your pool–so cute!

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