Your questions answered

Are ya’ll roasting or floating these days?  It seems like it is one or the other—you’re either in a drought (like us) or in a flood.  I started praying last night that God would flip it around for us.
Several questions have popped up on the comments lately and this seemed to be the most efficient way to answer them.

1.  Yes, we have peach trees.  2 of them.  We also have an apple and a plum tree.  I don’t think we are going to get anything from our apple tree this year because it has been such a hot and dry spring.  The peach trees are both full right now.  Although, since it has been so hot and dry we are battling the ants.  They are going after the peaches looking for moisture.  Which is really an unfortunate choice for the ants because my boys are VERY protective of their trees and peaches.  Last year they wanted their daddy to “get a gun and shoot the stinkin’ birds” that were pecking holes in the peaches.  This year they are hunting ants.

2.  Hydrangeas:  they really are not hard to care for. They DO NOT like full sun.  (remember these are Texas directions) you have to plant them on the north and/or east sides of your home/yard and in areas that are not going to get afternoon sun.  Morning sun is great but they don’t like the heat.  Mine are pink which means our soil is neutral or non-acidic.  If you want to turn your pink hydrangeas blue you have to add acid to your soil.  You can get this at a garden supply store.  They like to dry out a little between waterings.  They do not like to be soggy.  If you get one as a gift, when you water it take the pot out of the colored foil wrap and set the pot in the sink.  Give it a good drink but let it drain completely before putting back in the wrap.  And then let the soil dry before watering again.  Remember though not to let it get desert like.  Letting the soil dry out is not the same as letting the soil dry up and shrink. 

3.  Yes, we can and do buy ice from Sonic.  If you do not have, or have not experienced the perfect yumminess of your favorite drink over the perfection of Sonic crushed ice you must do so immediately.  Coke is soooooooo good over these little pellets of cool.  Oh my gosh!!! You must get one.  In fact, every beverage is made better by Sonic ice. And no, ice is NOT ice.  Sonic ice is in a class by itself

4.  Yes, my boys are nuts.  And through my informal study of my boys and those of my friends and family, the nut gene seems to be attached to the Y chromosome.  I say this because it seem they all do the same annoying, mind boggling things.  I take comfort in the fact that I am not the only mommy dealing with dirty clothes in odd places, pee continually on and around my toilets, and meals that sound like I am dining with a herd of cattle.

5.  Yes, I am LOVING the RH of NJ.  I was a little concerned that they may not be as interesting now that crazy Danielle is gone but it is actually so much better!!!! I am kinda in reality heaven right now with 3 versions of the RH’s on right now.  And all 3 are pretty good.  It looks like the NYC trip to Morocco is going to be crazy.  The RH series is the only reality show(s) I watch, but I am a passionate fan. šŸ™‚

6.  No, I haven’t gotten my biopsy results back yet.  It has been officially a week now so I am planning to call the dr’s office tomorrow since I haven’t heard from them.  I am feeling really good and I have had no problems since surgery.  In fact, I have exercised every day this week (so far) and the plan for the summer is to exercise 5 days a week.  I have allowed myself to get to a weight that I had promised myself to never see again.  Now that I am out of school for the summer it is time to turn things around. 

7. Yes, I am now officially on summer vacation.  I finished work last Friday.  The boys are still in school this week.  Friday is their last day and they cannot wait!

Now, I am going to stir up controversy, I don’t care that Oprah has aired her last show.  I don’t care for Oprah.  Her show ending, or continuing, does not change my life one iota.  The world will keep turning, in fact, it has already happened.  Kinda like that rapture that was supposed to happen on the 21st


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