Waterguns, Scorpions, recipes, and a kitten

Memorial Day is the official start of summer here. We had been in the pool a couple of times before this,thanks to the 100+ degree heat, but we were still having to go to school.  But, come Memorial Day, school is over and summer time is here!!  And what is a Memorial Day weekend without some time in the pool and bbq?

Yes, this is my brother in law targeting the poor children and taking great pleasure in it too.

My nephew, he seems to be using his watergun as shield, or maybe a floatie

My neice and my sister in law—staying out of the battle

Here’s Evan, I’m not sure what the thumbs up was for—maybe that he was ready to fight

Chris was already in the fray

And meet Smooch.  A lady down the block was walking around with him looking for his family.  Mr. G told her we would take him.  He is a doll!! He got his name because all he wants to do is cuddle and kiss on you.

How could you not love this little ball of fluff?  Even Oreo, who pretty much hates all other animals, has taken a liking to Mr.Smooch

Blue eyes!

Nap time!  Look how tiny he is!

She was on the back of the chair the whole time.  That’s what he was looking up at when I was taking the pics.

Ewww!!! And I found this creepy thing on the floor in the family room.  I hate these durn things and we seem to get them every summer.  I guess with everyone’s roofs getting replaced they are getting turned up.  Gotta call the exterminator this week—unless one of you have a proven home deterrent/remedy

I made this up tonight. You need 1 pkg of cream cheese, 1 sm box of instant vanilla pudding, 1 C of cold milk, 1 conatiner of cool whip, 1 pkg of graham crackers and a pound of diced strawberries.  Wash your strawberries and dice them up. You need to make sure they are good and dry—I actually put mine through the salad spinner.  Mix up your cream cheese, add pudding mix and milk.  Mix well, you don’t want any lumps.  Fold in your strawberries and cool whip.

Place a layer of the cream cheese mix, add a layer of graham crackers, a layer of mix, crackers, etc. until your fill up your bowl and run out of stuff.  I topped mine off with more whipped cream but you don’t have to do that.  Then stick in the fridge and chill well.  I will be doing this again with other fruit—maybe pineapple? ooo, or maybe strawberries, pineapple and bananas. The possiblities are endless!

Oh! and I made this for dinner. a little lemon basil pasta, green beans and meatball skewers.  The boys are all about shish kabobs right now.  So I mixed up ground turkey, ground beef, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, fresh basil, garlic and onion powder.  Mixed well and formed into meatballs. Skewered them and Mr.G grilled them.  The pasta is just cooked linguine that is tossed with a bit of olive oil, juice from one whole lemon, a TBS of butter, chopped fresh basil and some grated parmesan.  Green beans are frozen Italian green beans, diced onion, canned diced tomatoes and garlic.  The boys said it was GREAT!
So glad summer is here!  Tomorrow we start VBS!

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