Hoppin’ hamsters—-we had a full day!!!

So today was our first day of VBS  (vacation Bible school for those of you outside the buckle of the Bible belt)  The kids had a fantastic time! The theme this year is “hometown Nazereth”  and kids are learning about what Nazereth was like when Jesus was growing up.  The fellowship hall is “the marketplace”  Kids are given “scheckels” and they can spend them to choose the activities that they want to do each day.  In the marketplace they can make soap, visit synagogue school and make a coin box for the poor, visit the limestone quarry and make a necklace (this is my booth), make olive oil and salt scrub, make beads or make a prayer box.  They can also buy snacks, tie dye a backpack that will be filled with school supplies and sent to orphanages in Guatemala, and participate in games or the petting zoo.  Evan is walking around tonight yelling “Luke 1:37”  he has to have that memorized for his tribe “huddle” tomorrow.  I love that they are so excited and have so much fun at VBS.  They look forward to it and can’t wait to get there each day.  How cool is that!?

So after a morning at church we:  went to the gym, went swimming and made dinner.  Whew! busy, busy–they boys are splayed out on the sofa watching TV—they look partially comatose!  It is hard work having fun!



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