what we are going to cook this summer

both the boys love to cook. And I love to cook but usually have a stack of recipes that I want to try come summer. So, we usually try  out some new things each summer that are kid friendly. This is what is on our list this summer


the recipe calls them dutch babies, we call them lemon pancakes, and we all love them. these are a definite MUST for this summer

Products » KristinsCustomCakes.com - Decorating Life's Special Days
How cute are these fruit tacos?  A variation on the fruit pizza–the boys will love it

Bld Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes | Recipe: BLD's blueberry ricotta pancakes - Los
blueberry ricotta pancakes—Chris and I saw these on food network and wanted to try them so I looked up the recipe

cinnamon sugar and puff pastry–easy and tasty—we’re on it.

I’ve wanted to try this for months.  I made rainbow jello in march.  This summer it is time to make the cake!  And how cool is this project for kids? 

changing the recipe to suit our tastes but totally perfect for a family movie night

mini-pies?  yes, please!

That’s what we are looking forward to making (so far) this summer!  We will keep you updated on our progress.



2 thoughts on “what we are going to cook this summer

  1. OK, Tracey…have you discovered Pinterest yet? I just have and I am loving it…you can easily keep a record of things you want to try. It is my new addiction. Check it out and let me know if you want an invite from me!(and now I want jello cake AND dutch babies, thankyouverymuch!)

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