what I can do with 2 hours

This is what my children do to my pantry–the mess makes me crazy!!

Our fridge is bursting in the summer, with fruit, drinks, etc.  Plus since we are home every day, there is a lot of in and out.  This also makes me a little nutty

And this is what my kitchen counters look like after the monkeys have gotten up and had breakfast. 
Something had to be done!!!
Isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!?  I know, I have an illness—an addiction—to organization.  My clean, reorganized pantry makes me ridiculously happy.  Check out my basket full of paper plates, cups and napkins, on the bottom left. and see my sorted, and grouped canned goods?  I know, I know, I have a problem

Left to right:  large plastic cups, kids lunch box drink bottles, water bottles, and coffee cups

Plastic storage

And two hours later….all clean
I didn’t get to the fridge, that is why there is no after pic of that one.  By the time I did all of the above annnd cleaned out three cabinets too, I was done with my kitchen.  🙂
Apparently, my organizing wore him out too…

he’s very cute isn’t he?
And for dinner tonight….
Wedge salad

chicken kabobs, polenta, and grilled stuffed mushrooms
and the classic Jello poke cake

3 thoughts on “what I can do with 2 hours

  1. My house looks like your before picture…I love an organized house, too. I need to get on that…And now all I can think about is your cake. One of my favorites!

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