the lazy HOT, HOT, days of summer cause random thinking

  1. First and foremost—did you watch the RH of OC reunion?  Was anyone, besides me, bothered my Tamara continually saying “sist and decease”‘ instead of “cease and desist”?  And how much more stupid can she look when she gets all worked up about people being in her business but can’t see that she is in everyone else’s business?  And, I’m not a big fan of Alexis or her husband, but he hasn’t been around these women all year so why are they still talking about him?  If she is happy with him, that’s her call.  I wouldn’t want to be married to him (cuz he comes across as a big jerk) but I’m not so it’s not my problem.  I was very disappointed that there wasn’t more to the reunion.  I would really like to see Bravo confront the women with video to prove they are psycho/lying/or just plain delusional.  Now THAT would make for good TV!!!
  2. We have been swimming each day.  Which is great because it wears the kids out!!! Both boys crashed this afternoon.  Chris slept for 2 hours!!! that is so out of the ordinary, and Evan slept for an hour.  Swimming is awesome!
  3. And I love the summer specials the movie theatres run.  Tonight we went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 for $5 each and popcorn and coke were $1 each.  Tomorrow we are going to see Shrek 2 for 50 cents!! and I’m packing my own popcorn.  Yes, I do take our own snacks–I refuse to pay $12 for 1 coke and a bag of popcorn.
  4. The best part of summer though is making our own schedule, which includes having no schedule.  I can work on projects, the kids can hang out and have pj day, we can swim, hit the movies, whatever—-LOVE IT!!!!!
  5. Our new kitten is just too cute and lovey.  Smooch is a doll and although we probably already have too many pets, he is just too cute to not keep.

What are you doing this summer?


One thought on “the lazy HOT, HOT, days of summer cause random thinking

  1. RH made me tense. LOL. Can't any of them just be nice?Wednesday was our last day of school, so we are finally on summer vacation! Can you believe it??? Our temps are still chilly though…with highs in the low 70's. Crazy. I love summer movies, too…and yes, I always bring my big purse full of snacks. I'm cheap! =0)

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