Urgent prayer request with update

I had another topic in mind for today, but as I have illustrated repeatedly on this blog, things changed.
I have a friend.  A dear, sweet, Godly woman, named Courtney.  She is one of those wonderful friends that you don’t see often but when you happen to run into her you get a gorgeous smile and a huge hug.  Courtney has two beautiful children, Carson (4) and Callie (2).  Yesterday, Courtney and her husband Phil were told that Callie has a mass in her brain.  They were sent immediately to Cooks Children’s Hospital.  Today they will find out 2 things—what the mass is and how it will be treated.  Yesterday their lives came to a dramatic halt.  Today it could make a turn—positive or negative.  Would you please pray for the Cochran family today?  And specifically for little Callie?  Thank you friends.

5:30 pm  Courtney just posted on FB that they have met with the doctor.  Callie has a tumor the size of a peach that is consuming most of the back of her brain.  He said that almost always these tumors are malignant and that even if

surgery is successful, there will likely be lasting side effects.  She is asking for prayer specifically for (a) a benign tumor that can be completely removed (b) a successful surgery without complications or problems (c) that Callie will suffer no lasting side effects and come through the surgery and recovery with flying colors and her sweet personality.  Everyone that knows this sweet family is asking everyone they know to pray for this little girl.  We know that God’s ways are not ours and that we are beyond understanding, but we also know the power of prayer.  Thank you friends.  Tracey

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