I’m coming back as a cat

Do you have pets?  I don’t know about your pets but our pets have a pretty darned good life.  They are loved, cared for, fed, have a nice home, don’t have to work.  but this guy, this guy has the best deal of all of them right now…

I don’t think it would be possible to him to be any cuter.  Every time he walks by some one scoops him up and snuggles on him. The boys fight over who is going to play with him.  And even, Oreo the primadonna, has accepted him.  He is a cutie and has a fun little personality.  Mr. Smooch has it pretty nice.  I wanna be a cat—just the naps would be AWESOME!!

2 thoughts on “I’m coming back as a cat

  1. Hey girl! Love your cat snaps! He's obviously very loved. ☺PS…I've been trying for DAYS to comment on your blog. For some reason Blogger won't let me comment from my husband's computer. (My laptop is broken…sigh) I'm using the kids' old computer and what do you know? I can comment again! I've been reading your posts, and praying for your friend's little girl. Keep me updated on her condition please. Happy Friday! ☺

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