Callie update and where we’ve been

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for little Callie.  She is still in the hospital.  She is being moved out of the PICU this evening which is a great sign. They have found that she has permanent paralysis in her right vocal chord.  She is also having some problems with the right side of her face right now.  They are hoping that this is going to be temporary.  Due to the vocal chord problem, Callie has had signicant problems swallowing and coughing.  This is a current concern and prayer request.  Additionally, her body has still not fully absorbed all the spinal fluid whihch is another prayer request and concern right now.  They have set up a Care Page to keep people updated on Callie’s condition.  This is the link if you want to keep up with her progress. 

On another topic,, the kids and I tagged along with Mr. G to Austin last week.  He had a meeting and we hitched a ride.  We got to see the bats fly out across Town Lake at dusk.  The next day we went Natural Bridge Caverns.  The caves were really amazing.  However, we didn’t realize that the cave interior is 100% humidty.  So, it was 70 degrees but we were sweating like in a sauna.  By the end of the tour we couldn’t wait to get outside into the 100 degree weather where there was at least a breeze!  Here are a few of the astounding sights.

We’ve never been to caverns of any kind before and the four of us all really enjoyed it.  It was WOW!
But, after the crazy humidty it was time for a dip in the pool

They had alot of fun together—which makes for a great trip for mom and dad!
Blessings friends!

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