Tuesday happiness

Things that are making me happy this Tuesday
1.  On Demand—Evan will sit completely still and quiet watching the free kids shows on “On Demand”  which allows me to catch up on my e-mail and blog without assistance
2.  iced coffee—yummy
3.  having cousins in town to play with and entertain my kiddos—sometimes mommy doesn’t want to be the entertainer
4.  a day spent swimming with cousins and friends
5. lazy mornings in pjs
6.  an 11 year old who is willing to empty the dishwasher and fold clothes
7.  bougainvilla in bloom outside my window
8.  not having to make supper
9.  homemade pudding pops
10. healthy, happy kids

What is making you happy this  morning?



2 thoughts on “Tuesday happiness

  1. How fun to have the cousins visit! My kids were just asking yesterday about seeing their out-of-town cousins.What's making me happy? All the errands have been run! No grocery or post office visits for the rest of the week. ☺ Happy Tuesday!

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