why I’m NOT a good mom

1.  I let my kids watch TV, alot.  Now there are some shows that I don’t let them watch because I don’t like the language (or they just plain annoy me) but otherwise TV is my friend.  Sometimes a mom just needs a break and a good episode of Wipe Out or Power Rangers can sure do the trick. 
2.  I also let them play video games, and not just the educational ones.  I’m not talking Mortal Combat here—I do check to make sure the game is rated “E” but I don’t put a whole lot of limits on their gaming.  My neice and nephew are only allowed one hour a week and that is on Saturday or Sunday. I’m not anywhere near that strict.   I do limit them to afternoons or early evening and I make them put the game up before they turn into bug eyed mashed potato brains. 
3.  I let them eat junk—I don’t forbid candy, cookies, etc.  I don’t buy only vegetarian, vegan, organic food.  If I let myself worry about every bite that goes in their mouths I would make myself a total nut. I figure if I can keep them off alcohol, drugs and tobacco I’m doing good. 
4.  I lie to them.  Ex.  we can’t swim because Dad needs to put chemicals in the pool (reality–it is too stinkin’ hot and I don’t want to)  Chuck E Cheese is closed (reality–that place is a parent’s worse nightmare and I don’t want to go there)
5.  I raise my voice sometimes.  I try to rationalize with them, I try to be patient, but sometimes I just don’t want to explain something for a 5th time and I lose it a little bit.
6.  I don’t register them for many extracurricular activities.  Our general rule is one activity at a time, i.e. if E is doing soccer in the fall that is the only extra thing he gets to do.  We do this for a few reasons:  they get tired if they are over scheduled, activities cost money and it adds up quick, and I don’t like driving them hither and yon everyday of the week.
7.  I don’t always listen when they talk to me.  Now don’t get me wrong–if they are telling me something important I am attentive, but when they are explaining the intricacies of Bakugan or Mario Galaxy to me I slip into “uh huh” mode and allow my thoughts to wander. 
8.  I don’t always stop to savor the moment.  Sometimes I just gotta get things done and I can’t stop to enjoy the latest episode of Phineas and Ferb with them.  I’ll catch it one of the next 10 times they watch it.
9.  I bribe them.  Sometimes, some things just go more smoothly and quickly with a little incentive.
10.  I don’t want to be with them every second of every day and I don’t think every single thing they do is cute.
Don’t get me wrong.  I love my kids and I am concerned about them but I am definitely not one of these magazine/TV moms.  I don’t set up reading tents in the backyard or plan scavenger hunts through the house for them to find their Easter baskets.  Heck, most of the time I’m too tired to read E a book before bed.  I’m just a regular mom, doing the best that I can with what I’ve got.  I lose my temper, I get impatient, I forget to take pictures of them, and sometimes I really, really want to scream “Quit talking to me and leave me alone!” (but I don’t)—:)


4 thoughts on “why I’m NOT a good mom

  1. We're identical twins! I agree with your confessions 100%!!! I let my kids watch tv, eat junk, play video games (though mine are too young to be obsessed). Everything! YOu ROCK!

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