Wanna join my gang?

Have you ever tried something new and discovered something new about yourself?  I have recently discovered an extreme fondness for spray paint.  I think I might be a frustrated graffiti artist.  Maybe I have a future running around “tagging” things with my gang sign.  Of course, I’d have to design a gang sign first.  Do you think “tagging” is less “gangsta” if it is done in pink and purple? 
I’ve been working out my new obsession on stuff for our deck.  Check it out…

Bird cages—I’m going to hang them in the trees just for looks

 all the terracotta pots got painted turquoise—see my little owl in my basil?  I made him in pottery

 LOVE these hooks—picked them up at an auction.  How cute are they?

 My “tables” are an old pot and a piece of wood with a flower from pottery that I made.  got my chairs for $10 at Target on clearance

 This little table was a little picnic set of Evan’s that he has long outgrown.  It was all faded out and now looks great with a hit of paint.  The butterfly was just rusty old metal I got at a garage sale

 Wide shot

 Another shot of all my new hooks—great for swim towels and goggles.  See my ugly dead grass?  Yeah, that’s what happen when you have 24 days straight of 100+ temps and no rain—-UGLY!!!

better pic of the bird cages
Next up,

This old planter is going to get a coat of spray paint and become a trash can for my deck

I’ll post a pic once I’ve got it done

Stay cool!


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