The days of summer

This is laundry from four days of non-stop swimming. This is it!!! Isn’t it lovely? Laundry like this I can handle. Swim towels and swimsuits are soooo much easier to fold and put away then “real” clothes.  Makes me happy. 
I took this one to camp today
Big boy camp.  I’m talking junior high, math/science camp.  How can this be?  Junior high?!  I mean seriously, I feel certain that it was only a year ago when he looked like this

I mean seriously, how could this little guy possibly be old enough for junior high camp?  Much less junior high?  There must be some mix up here.  And if one more person reminds me that in just THREE years he’ll be in high school I may punch them in the face.  I’m sorry, I’m not generally violent.  It’s just all this growing up stuff is kind of shocking. 
And then this one….
is going in to first grade!  What? Where did this guy go?
I feel certain he was sitting in this high chair just the other day.  How can he be going to 1st grade? 
I’m sorry.  It’s all those school supplies I saw stocked at Target today.  It is making me light headed and a little nauseated. I mean really, school supplies, already?  They are ruining the remaining 2/3’s of my summer. 
If you feel the same, you should make one of these.  They both have a summer taste and sugar makes you feel better.  Truly, it does.  And if sugar is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
Strawberry pie
1 shortbread or graham cracker crust
1 lb of strawberries, washed trimmed and diced
1 pkg softned cream cheese
1/4 C of powdered sugar
1 small container of cool whip
mix cream cheese with electric mixer.  Pour in strawberries and powdered sugar and mix together until well combined. (yes, some strawberries will get mashed up and cream cheese will turn pink–that’s ok).  Fold in cool whip unitl well combined then pour into crust.  Place in freezer until firm. 
Pineapple cake
1 white cake mix
2 eggs
1 can of crushed pineapple with juice (the can I use was the medium size–8 or 9 oz)
1 sm tub of cool whip
Mix together the cake mix, the eggs and pineapple with the juice.  Just open the can and dump it all into the cake mix.  Mix well and pour into a greased 9×13 pan and bake at 350 for about 30  minutes.  Remove from oven and cool.  When cake is cool “frost” the top with the cool whip—I used the vanilla  cool whip just ‘cuz I’m fancy like that.  Place in fridge to chill at least 3 hours before serving.  Now, this cake is good the first day—-but the second day it is really, really, really good!!

One thought on “The days of summer

  1. Both my boys will be in junior high this year. Son#1 is taking 3 HIGH SCHOOL courses in 8th grade. It's totally killing me. LOL And my 'baby' will be in 3rd grade…the upper hall of her school awaits. Waaa!That cake sounds divine…and cool! It's so hot here today…92°F and 51% humidity. Glad I'm inside. Happy Monday! ☺

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