What I’ve been doing

OK, summer is almost 1/2 over and I have got to get my stuff done!  Every summer I start out with this long list of goals to accomplish and plans to finish and then September rolls around and I’ve got almost none of it done.  So I am getting serious about crossing some things off both my mental list and our summer to do list

We have gotten a few things on here done–shaving cream fight, made the rainbow cake, swimming, golf, library visits, swim party,
But we still have LOTS on here–mostly craft projects that we wanted to make and have yet to begin.
On my personal list, I’ve been wanting to finish off my closet (i.e. get Mr. G converted to wooden hangers), and do some spruce up around the house. 
Yesterday I tackled the boys’ bathroom and rooms.  The boys have a “jack and jill” bath.  They each have their own sink/vanity area but they share the tub/toilet.  When we moved in I went with a Mickey Mouse theme.
Now, I could have posted a bigger/better pic but that would have meant showing you the filth that was my boys’ bathroom yesterday before I went to work.  Anyway, the boys were a little tired of the MM theme and felt like it was too “babyish”.  So, I headed to Target
The basket has shampoo, lotion, body wash, hand towels, and wash cloths for guests.  On the rare occasions we have people stay over, they use the boys’ bathroom and, now that it is sparkling clean, I don’t mind letting you see the whole bathroom

Vanity area—looks the same on both boys’ sides

New shower curtain—the yellow valance was actually made during MM era because I felt it looked weird with such a huge gap between the top of the shower curtain and the ceiling.  Since the curtain has yellow anyway, I decided to keep it
They both love it.  I like that it brightens up the bathroom, not as thrilled about the boys’ desire to grow up so fast
Then I had to go over here and clean up

Please do not think I have some sort of wonder child who keeps his room tidy at all times—-he DOES NOT.  In fact, these pictures were taken after approximately an hour of cleaning, reorganizing, muttered curses, and threats of loss of TV and video games if I ever find this room in a condition that I found it yesterday.  Not the least of which was a Reese’s peanut butter egg squashed into the carpet.  Umm, yeah, good times, good times, NOT!!! But doesn’t it look nice now?  We added the little green table beside his bed today.  He needed it , because his cousin has a table next to his bed (DUH Mom!) 
Then to clear my mind of the peanut butter egg incident I needed to inhale some fumes and spray paint something.  This is what I ended up with
They used to be a dark color that resembled cherry wood and now they are white and I like them even more than before. 
One more thing, my friend Courtney’s little one, Callie, got to come home from the hospital yesterday.  She had a shunt and “g-button” (for IV feeding) put in at the end of last week in prep for her radiation therapy that begins next week.  The family is so glad to have some time together, at home before the next chapter begins.  Thanks for all the prayers!

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been doing

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your projects! Everything looks fabulous. Wanna come over and play in my rooms? They could use some sprucin' up.Thanks for the update on Callie. Remembering her in prayer.Happy Wednesday! ☺

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