I’m linking up some projects here this week.

How are ya’ll doing?  We are frying like chickens here.  Even the water coming out of the cold water tap is warm, and the pool feels like bathwater. 
C is attending a math and science camp this week. He is loving it (which makes me very, very happy.) I don’t know if I have explained this before but C struggled with extreme social anxiety when he was little.  Before starting kindergarten he would cry whenever we drove past the elementary school.  He barely spoke in school and struggled socially.  So, for this child to have developed to the point to which he can go to a camp, by himself, where he knows no other kids is an ENORMOUS milestone that I would have thought would never happen.  I’m so proud of him and for him.  He is a great kid.
While C is gone all day, E and I have had some time to hang out together.  Yesterday we went to a movie together, today we swam, Monday we went to the library, tomorrow we are doing some crafts and baking cookies.  He is so excited, he has been bragging to his daddy and brother all week about what he is getting to do each day. 
So tomorrow we will be crossing some things off our summer to do list and posting pics in the evening.  Stop back and check out our end results! 


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