I got nothin’

So, I haven’t blogged for a few days, and I’m sitting here trying to come up with an interesting topic, a cool craft, a yummy recipe, or SOMETHING to write about annnd…. I got nothin’
It is just too stinkin’ hot to do anything.  At 8:00 in the morning it is 90 degrees, and it just gets hotter from there.  So, if we have errands to run we run out of the house and do it as early as possible so that we can get back home into the air conditioner before it gets even hotter.  Yesterday, Evan and I headed out at 7:30, ran four errands and were back by 9:00.  See my “grass” in this pic.  Our whole yard, front and back, looks like this right now.  Even the plants I have in pots on the deck are looking crisp and we water those daily.  Ugh, this is nasty summer weather.  LOL, the grass is so awful that I am not even attempting to protect it during my spray paint projects.  I have quite a rainbow going out there these days!!

And to make me feel depressed, we started buying school supplies yesterday.  I am against this, and think that school supplies should not even be for sale until August, but I can’t pass up notebook paper for a penny!! And glue and crayons for 20 cents!! I figure if they stores are going to be shoving this stuff at us in July, I might as well get what the kids need at a bargain price while they are available.  We got almost everything yesterday.  I think there are maybe a dozen things left (between the 2 boys’ lists) that we still need to pick up.  Do your kids need one of these for school?  The junior high here does not allow kids to use a locker or carry a backpack  (this is supposed to cut down on kids bringing contraband items to school and eliminate wasted time at lockers and in the hall) so they have to have these “locker bags”  I bought Chris’ yesterday.  I still can’t quite figure out how they are supposed to haul jackets, lunches, these bags, books, etc. around with them all day.


2 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. This heat makes me want to cry. Literally. And I got nothin' to post about either so I'm taking this time to catch up & read other blogs, lol! Your poor grass! BUT, it sure does look pretty painted pink!My oldest is going into Pre-k in September and I have no idea what to buy her yet nor do I have a list of any type or know what teacher she will have. I think the school is dragging their feet!! That locker bag does look pretty cool but man, that is a lot for a kid to carry around all day.

  2. I am following you from Wandering wednesday. I also bought school supplies. My youngest 2 started school TODAY!!! It is craazy but my older 2 in high school start in August. Doesn't feel right to be starting school again especially since my oldest is a senior and will be going to college this time next year. will time just stand still for me. hahaladeedacreations.com

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