Girls just wanna have fun, Moms just wanna wear yoga pants

I have come to a realization–forgive me for my apparent mental slowness—I’m not 20 anymore.  See, back in the day, when I was in high school and college, I was very worried about wearing what was currently trendy and cute.  Today I realized, mmm, not so much anymore.  Let me give you some specific examples.
Jeans:  years ago I would throw them in the wash after one, even brief, wearing so that the next time I put them on they would be tight.  Today—I hang them back up after one wearing because now they are already loosened up and comfy.
Tights: THEN–worn with dresses and skirts for fashion.  Now–worn with dresses and skirts so that my thighs don’t rub together. 
Bras:  Then–it was important that they provided good lift and cleavage.  Now–important they provide good lift to keep “the girls” off my rib cage
Shoes:  THEN—cuteness and heel were very important no matter how they felt on my feet.  Now–they fall into three categories  summer=flip flops, winter=tennis shoes, dressy=flats
Then I would be mortified if I went out in sweats and a tee.  Now, I could pretty much be happy for the rest of my life in yoga pants or some version of them. 
I came to this conclusion this afternoon when I returned home from the movies and errands with the kids.  Since it was determined that we were going nowhere else today, I immediately headed to the bedroom to take off my khaki capris and cute top to put on my knee length yoga pants and tee.  It was then I realized that at 41 years old I have come to dislike wearing pants with zippers and buttons.  See, zippers and buttons tend to dig into the post baby tummy.  Yoga pants are gentle with the mommy tummy.  Cute pants are more likely to give you a wedgie.  Yoga pants are not wedgie inducing.  Cute pants can wrinkle.  Yoga pants are wrinkle free. 
Now, I must overcome what I am sure is my inflated estimation of what others think about me and what I wear, so that I can embrace my yoga pants filled future.  I think if you will join me we can make this a movement that sweeps the nation. 
Are you with me?  Moms across America want to wear yoga pants!!!!


4 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun, Moms just wanna wear yoga pants

  1. I'M WITH YOU! lolI love yoga pants and wear them to sleep in and play in all day long.I love the then and now list. Very cute. And I also wear my jeans a few times before washing for that very reason. They are looser and more comfortable.

  2. I am so on board with all this. In fact today I was complaining to a friend that I have to go clothes shopping on Fri. Why would I complain? B/c I'm starting back to work, which means I need to buy zipper and button pants. Boo. I want my yogas!Thanks for joining up with the TALU!

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