I’m feeling blue.  It’s August.  August!!! How in the world did it get here so fast?  There are a measly 3 weeks of summer left.  I’m not ready to go back to school, and I’m not ready to send the kids back to school.  I had such plans for the summer and I’ve done so little with the time.  Where is my rewind button? 
School supplies are pretty much all bought, lunch boxes and backpacks are purchased.  I even got the new shoes and a couple of shorts and shirts each to start school.  No need to buy long pants here since we are officially living in hell’s oven these days.  My kids are gonna be wearing short sleeves and shorts for at least the first two months of school, probably the first three months. 
So, because I feel we have not done anything we planned to do this summer, we stayed home all day to swim and work on a craft project.  Are you familiar with the phrase “the best laid plans….”? 
Just before we go out to swim the boys decided that it would be a super idea to run around the house chasing each other—despite the fact that they have been told approximately 1 million times not to do so because some one would get hurt.  Chris slammed into the door frame and busted up a toe, so he spent the next 45 minutes howling and the rest of the day hobbling.  Then, the two of them decided they would play Wii together but got into a shouting match of who would be which character, Evan decided to whack him, which led to Evan getting sent to his room.  Which then led to him throwing a fit and making a really, really, really bad choice, which resulted in a spanking and loss of Wii privelages for the next two days.  That of course led to wailing and gnashing of teeth–yeah, we’ve got sorrow of Bibilical proportions around here folks!
So, around 5:00, we got to our craft project—which should be completed tomorrow, and I will post pics then. 
Just a regular day in my house–what’s going on in yours?


One thought on “sigh…..

  1. After all that are you sure you aren't ready to go back to school?? LOL I'm a director of a preschool so I know what you mean, it can't be August already, school just ended!!Newest follower from the Wednesday hop, hope you can stop back by 🙂

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