"Too hot for humans"

Seriously, this was on the radio today.  Some national weatherman was issuing a heat warning that included the phrase that people needed to remain indoors as much as possible because it would be “too hot for humans” outside today.  Ummm, where has this guy been all summer?  Are you having rolling blackouts? We aren’t but several of my friends in larger cities are today.  No a/c?  For hours?  That would be HORRIFIC!!!  I might have to sit in my car with the a/c on until the electricity was returned. 

The E man and I went up to my school today to pack up my personal belongings because I am relocating to another classroom this fall.  When we left we made a grocery run and then headed home to spend the rest of the day in our air conditioned house with all the blinds and curtains drawn.  This is where I planned to spend the entire day then DRAT! I forgot the C man had a piano lesson—at 3:30!!! I cannot explain how freakin’ hot it is outside at 3:30 in the middle of Texas these days.  As soon as his lesson was over we quickly zoomed back to our cave and and the cool air. 

Mr. G has had people from the corporate office in his office all week so I think we have seen him maybe 30 minutes total since Sunday.  So, I haven’t cooked all week but decided to pull this recipe out and see how it went with the kids. 

Chicken Pockets
2 cups cubed/chopped cooked chicken breasts  (I grilled my own chicken so it was seasoned when I cut it up–if your’s isnt you might need to add some salt and pepper)
1 diced red bell pepper
1 C chopped broccoli
1 TBS minced dill (I didn’t have dill so I subbed fresh basil)
1 C of plain yogurt
1 C of mayo
2 Cans of crescent rolls

(I also added in some fresh chopped spinach)

Open your crescents and unroll.  Do not seperate into triangles!  Divide each can into 4 rectangles.  Mix all remaining ingredients together in a large bowl.  Spoon filling into each rectangle, then fold over and press edges to seal.  Back at 375 for about 15 minutes.  Serve with a salad and/or fruit.

OK, C LOVED these.  E wouldn’t even taste them once he heard C say there was broccoli inside.  (sigh–we are knee deep in the no veggie stage)  I liked them a lot too—of course I had had them before. 🙂  Now, my budding chef son  and I are thinking of what else we could put inside, and how we could make a breakfast version.  We’ll keep you posted on our experiments. 

Annnnd, last but not least, we’ve done a tiny bit of crafting around here. 

 I took 2 old bed pillows and stitched along the outer edge to bind them together

Yes, I know you are amazed by my mad blanket stitch skills.  This, of course, didn’t have to look great or be perfect because no one would ever see it. 

then I took this yard of super cute fabric, folded it right sides togther and stitched up two sides on my sewing machine (the 3rd side was the fold)  Turned it right side out and slid my pillows in and then stitched up the opening.  And now…

I have a super cute, trendy, owl patterned floor pillow.  I had the cute kid sit on it to show you how functional it is, and to get in another pic of the cute kid. 

This will be going up to my classroom for me to sit on during my music classes.  I spend the entire day sitting on the floor and my old bones get creaky after a couple of classes.

Cute kid and I made this butterfly canvas. He watercolored edge to edge on a white sheet of art paper.  I stuck it in the cricut and cut out the butterflies and then we glued them on the canvas we had painted green.  He’s pretty happy with his final product.

And then while the glue gun was on, I stuck some flowers on my plain ol’ flip floppers. 
Up next…  mobile made from home-made shriky dinks!

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