Afternoon delight

NO!! This is not THAT kind of blog!  I’m talking about this

I have been in desperate need of some kid free time.  I have been with the boys pretty much 24/7 for the last three weeks.  And, I love them, but my brain needed a chance to have some silence.  And Mr. G very kindly took the kids to his mother’s today and took me to lunch.  We did nothing special.  Had some tacos for lunch, ran a couple of errands and then–the afternoon delight.  He suggested a stop at Nikki’s on the way home.  Love me some salted caramel fro yo! And swirled with dark chocolate hazelnut!  Holy cow—I have simple needs.  Some time on my own and a cup of salted caramel yogurt and I am a new person.  And then I got a little nap!!! ANNND it rained!!! Talk about a good day.  🙂
Still working on my craft room.  I hit a snag that needed some Mr. G. assistance and won’t be getting that until tomorrow.  Hope to post pics tomorrow evening. 
Love to all!!!


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