OK, so here’s the deal

Yes, I did tell you that I started working on repurposing our home office into a craft space.  Yes, I did promise that i was going to be posting pics of the finished product.  Yes, I did say that said project would be finished and forementioned pics would be posted today.  No, the pics are not/have not/and will not be posted today.  Beeee-cuuuuz—-I’m not done yet. Yes, I know, you’re shocked.  But let me explain. 
While Mr. G does not really utilize the space fully or often he does not totally want to relinquish his hold on the space.  Which means that it is “our” office.  Which means that I cannot let me inner crafter go completely wild.  I have to somehow combine his wants/needs/ideas and my wants/needs/ideas for the space.  And that is turning out to be more difficult than I thought.  Who knew he had so many wants/needs/ideas?! And that they didn’t include having ribbon hanging from the wall or lots and lots of storage baskets?  Hmm, who woulda guessed? 
So, every day I am working a little bit more on it and as soon as I have it more or less done (I feel certain changes will be made even after that) I will post some pics. 
And in the meantime I’m trying to whittle down the 7 loads of laundry I need to get done today and clean my house, and get the kids haircuts this week, and go to work every day this week, and make sure all school supplies are accounted for, and get C’s name put on the back of his PE uniforms, and get my car cleaned out, and actually cook some of the meals and recipes that I bought all the ingredients for 3 days ago.  (((Sigh))) do you think God could add a few more hours to each day just for the mommies?  Oh! And provide the energy necessary to go with them!  It would really help me out. 
OK–I gotta go—as I said I’ve got lots to do!


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