Brain buzz, !!!!!!, and more

this entry has absolutely no point.  just thought i would tell you that now in case you were looking for some words of wisdom or the answer to all of life’s questions. you’re not getting either of those here today

what you will be getting is the mindless ramblings of my mind at 3:55 a.m.

1st: why am I blogging at 3:55 a.m. ?  because my shoulder is killing me. i’ve had problems with my left shoulder since i had evan.  i think because of all the carrying him around—haha.  i’ve had it mri’d and it seems that i have a pinched nerve or some arthritis or both or whatever. all that really matters is that sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all and other times it drives me crazy. this is currently a crazy period.  so i am up, on the computer with an ice pack on my shoulder

2nd:  you may have noticed i am missing all capital letters. that happens at ridiculous hours of the morning, be glad i am fixing all spelling mistakes

3rd on the subject of grammar and punctuation—i have noticed a use a lot of exclamation marks, frequently.  i think perhaps i am too enthusiastic about my topics at time.  oh, well it is who i am

4th:  brain buzz—that is what i am calling it when your kiddos have about talked you to death and you can’ t hear your own thoughts any more and you feel like a rabid hamster is using the inside of your skull as a hamster wheel.  anyone able to relate?

5th:  two mama cats showed up at our house about a month ago and decided our back porch looked like an awesome place to have their babies. unforutantely, mr. g had just issue the edict that the kids could not have any more cats outside (we already had 3—this is what happens when you live outside the city limits and need to keep away the varmits and critters)  anyway, a friend of mine just happened to be looking for a kitten so one went to a good home yesterday.  which left evan sobbing for an hour.  when i told mr. g about the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth he said “its a good life lesson” to which i responded “yeah, easy for the professor of life WHO WAS NOT HOME to say!”  meanwhile, i’ve still got 3 kittens who need homes, which means 3 more times of this, you can bet i will make sure Professor life lesson is home for the next one!

6th; if you have a scentsy evan and i highly recommend the happy birthday bar.  omg it makes me want to eat the air in my house!!!! (see what i’m saying about the exclamation points?  i just can’t stop myself)

7th:  i’ve told you before that i suffer from m.a.d also know as mommy attention deficit–well the current manifestation is that i am again rearraging furniture and do dads. you know i’ll post pics when i’m done. working on the office/craft room caused ideas—which mr.g says seems like an awful lot of work.

8th; i think that may be it–seems like my mind is currently empty, a good time to go back to bed. šŸ™‚
I hope you have a lovely day friend! (again with the exclamation points)



2 thoughts on “Brain buzz, !!!!!!, and more

  1. Brain buzz…now I am picturing hamsters running around in MY skull, and it's freaking me out a little!! šŸ™‚ I'm so sorry about the shoulder pain and middle of the night icing down…sure hope you got to go back to sleep and rest well!

  2. I love "real posts" full of lower case letters and exclamation points!!! I couldn't help but smile all through this post – I stay up until about 2am every night and I can relate very much to Brain Buzz. Have you tried White Tea and Cactus for Scentsy? It is also yummy. Very fun post, and I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

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