school supplies and answered prayers

Tonight we meet lil E’s teacher.  So we packed up his school supplies to drop off tonight.  And then since I had the school supply stuff out I went ahead and got C’s binder packed up and ready to go also. 
See all that stuff up there in those pics?  Ummm, yeah…that is extra stuff…the stuff they don’t need for the first day.  I know that it seems like a LOT of stuff that I over bought BUT all of this stuff was a quarter, a penny or even free!!!  And now, I should not have to buy my children another sheet of paper, pencil, crayon, eraser, or glue stick the rest of the year.  And, you KNOW kids need supplies throughout the year.  This way, in October when they need more glue—booyah!! it’s in the basket baby! And I got it for twenty cents!!! vs the 80 cents it costs at Target now!!
Yeah, I’m a little excited about my basket of bargain supplies.
And, I just have to say, again, that God answers prayers.  I have prayed every single day for a teacher who would be loving and kind and just as wonderful and dear as E’s kindergarten teacher.  And we found out today whose class he is in and I am so happy and excited.  His teacher is actually some one that Mr. G and I know and she is LOVELY.  I am so, so, grateful!! I think this is going to be an excellent year for my boy!  And now that I know lil’ E is taken care of, I can focus on praying all over C’s first year of junior high, ’cause let me tell you I am stressing out about this junior high thing!
Blessings friends,

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