Important stuff to know

1. sometimes the cost of pointing out a mistake to someone and having them correct it far outweighs the benefit.
2. you don’t have to scrub your toilets every week but know that you will be sorry if you don’t
3.  yes, your laundry does reproduce.  no, it isn’t your imagination, you DID just finish the wash and the basket is already full again
4.  there are big things in life and there are little things.  the sooner you learn the difference the happier you will be
5. the big things in life are the ones worth fighting for, crying over, worrying about, and praying about
6.  complaining does not result in a better situation, so either change it or suck it up
7.  there is a difference between forgiving and forgetting. It is OK not to forget
8.  yes, it is a guarantee that it will: rain when you wash your car, kids will spill on the just mopped floor, the cherry sno cone will get knocked over on the carpet or upholstery, and the check out line you pick will be the slowest in the entire store.
9.  the amount of time you spend on your hair in the morning is directly proportional to the amount of havoc that will be wreaked upon it by wind/rain/humidty/etc as soon as you walk out the door
10.   never, ever run errands looking your worst, unless you want to bump into your pastor, neighbor, kid’s teacher, boss, and you high school boyfriend and his super model wife. 


2 thoughts on “Important stuff to know

  1. Um, are you living in my brain? Cause you just listed a lot of my thoughts! šŸ™‚ I always have to remind myself #4…especially when relating to my little strong-willed daughter! Also–#9 just makes me MAD. That's why ponytails are usually my go-to.

  2. LOVE it.#1 made me laugh.And #3 – Oh my word, yes! How does that happen?As far as #10? Ain't that the truth! I never run into anyone I know when I look cute.

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