Back to school

Today was the first day of school for the boys.  They were both excited.  Big Brother was practically bouncing out of the car when I dropped him off.  Lil’ Bro was excited right up til it was time to walk into the building and then he got nervous. 

Look at what a little guy he was just 2 years ago!

2 years ago for the big guy too.  No, I don’t know why he always poses with his chest out like that.

Last year, all ready for the first year in elementary school and the last year of elementary school

Yes, 6th grade, which is JUNIOR HIGH here!!!  He had such a great day.  I am so glad.  One prayer answered here!

One of his good buds from kindergarten is in his class this year.  He also had a great day.  And chattered up a storm about it as soon as he saw me!  Another prayer answered!

And here they are in all their 1st day of school glory.  They were both in great moods this morning and ready to go.  And they both came home in good moods and ready to talk about their days!

One thing I don’t understand though, how is it they go to school and yet I am the one who has all the homework tonight?  Good gravy!  The school district could save a lot of money and trees if they put all these forms online for parents to update! 

If your kiddos started school today, I hope it was amazing! 

One thought on “Back to school

  1. Oh how I feel the same way! Online updates would be great! I've only had two days so far of homework and papers to read from the teachers and I'm already tired of it. And then there is the homework x 3. Glad your boys are happy – that is important. Mine have been really happy too, which was such a relief – I didn't know how they would handle their first year of school.

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