8 days left

I have 8 week days of boys in school/me still off time left.  This means I am working to complete big projects that i have been wanting to tackle but put off all summer.  You know the ones I mean, the “wow that is one nasty ceiling fan!  I really need to clean the blades and wash the light fixtures on it.”.  But those are easy to ignore when it is 110 degrees outside and your kids really want you to lay on the sofa in air conditioned heaven and watch animal planet with them. 
Today I have completed two big projects.  And it is only 11:40!  Which would mean that I had time to complete another before the kids come home, but I’m tired already.
Project 1 was my car.  To say that the upholestry was dirty would be an understatement.  It was NASTY.  to the point that I was embarassed to drive through the car pool line to pick up E because then the teacher would see the grossness that was my back seat.  So, I borrowed a “spot bot” from a friend and  spent the first hour of the morning shampooing the seats and floorboards in my car.  Then I scrubbed down every hard surface in the car with chlorox wipes  (even the seatbelt buckles and turn signal!)  and then I cleaned all the windows.  My children are now prohibited from eating or drinking in my car.  At least until I forget that I prohibited them and swing through Sonic. 
Project 2 was my kitchen.  I scrubbed down the front of every cabinet and drawer, removed everthing from the counters and scrubbed those and the back splash down.  I scrubbed the pantry door, the refrigerator, the dishwasher front and cleaned the oven.  Then I mopped the floors. 
As I am doing this I am thinking—-(a) Good grief we are a nasty group of people  (b) how did this ice cream sandwich end up stuck here?  (c) maybe I should clean the kitchen like this more than once a year  (d) how often do other people clean there kitchen like this?  (e) is cleaning my kitchen this throughly a sign of OCD?)  (f)  I wish a had a “Mr. Monk” type person to come and clean my house. 
Yes, I do talk to myself a lot when I am cleaning. 
So, answer my questions—do you give your kitchen a through scrub down?  How often do you do it?

Now–still remaining on the project list are: 
our master bedroom closet   Yes, I have been talking about and putting off doing this for MONTHS
C’s closet and dresser
the laundry room reorganization
the garage  (this is one I am really dreading) 

Not too many on the list.  And maybe, I can push one of these off on Mr. G!



2 thoughts on “8 days left

  1. Wow! You are one busy gal. Care to channel any of that energy down my way? Ummm…I'm taking the 5th on the kitchen scrubdown questions. ☺ Actually, I'm getting ready to do just that, because I want to paint the cabinets a new color. Poor DH…I don't know how he stands to live with this crazy ever-changing-her-mind girl. ☺ Happy Wednesday!

  2. Holy batman, girlfriend…you are on a roll!!!!! Doesn't it feel good? I am sloop excited…a new sonic is going in closer to my house than the one that is 30 minutes away! I love, love, love their limeades, but when gas prices went sky high I had to curtail my addiction. LOL. Can' t wait!

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