Friday Faves—the stuff I love this week

good morning friends!  i hope all of you are getting off to a lovely start on this friday.  i’m fixin’ to (that’s my texas coming out) go out and pull some weeds.  yeah, i know you are jealous—don’t hate me ‘cuz i live such a glamorous life.  but before i head out to grimy glory i want to share some stuff i am loving this week.  none of these products has paid me to endorse them, or know who i am, however if anyone ready has a connection and wants to hook me up—i can be bought! 🙂

 I am a little addicted to Oikos right now.  It has become my go to breakfast this week. My faves are the cherry and the vanilla.  Thick and creamy, toss a little granola on top, and I am good to go

Command Mini Hooks Value Pack By 3MThese are not new, but this time of year I use alot of them.  I think these are one of the best inventions EVER!

 Iced coffee, my summer wake up

 These are pretty dog gone yummy.  my sister in law introduced me to these and I love them.  a great quick snack

I bought this in the lavender.  Oh  my gosh, it smells so good it even makes cleaning more enjoyable. 

  And finally, happy 40th birthday to Mark Wahlberg (my number 2 celebrity crush)  He is just too cute. 

Blessings friends!


3 thoughts on “Friday Faves—the stuff I love this week

  1. It's always fun seeing what other people like. I'm right there with you on that iced coffee. yum.And I laughed and cringed at the Meyers Clean Day (I am currently working with Meyers on their couponing program and I see all their product SKU's in my sleep! And then see it again on your blog. LOL too funny.

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