Do you ever…?

Do you ever

…look at the trending topics on Yahoo, see a celebrity name and think “why is he/she on there right now?  did he/she die?” and then click on it to find out?

…get some random sharp pain in some part of your body (like straight thru your skull) and think “what the HELL was that?”

….get halfway dressed and then realize you are going to have to undress and change your underwear because the day hasn’t even started and it is already driving you crazy?

….get on the computer just to check e-mail really quick and then you look up and realize you’ve just lost 3 hours?

….and along the same lines, sit down for a minute with your kids and then suddenly realize you’ve just spent the last hour watching icarly, good luck charlie, etc. etc.?

….be listening to someone tell you a story about something they did, saw, read, ate, etc. and have to restrain yourself  after about 4 minutes from saying “ya’ know—I really don’t care”?

….read an article about someone doing something so ridiculously stupid that caused them to be harmed in some way (say KAYAKING in the middle of a hurricane) and think “ummmm, yeah, I think you got what you deserved”

….finally decide that you are going to cut your hair, or something equally drastic to it, and then THAT is the day that your hair looks fabulous?

….hear a co-worker griping about what another co-worker did or didn’t do and just want to scream “OMG, grow up already!!!!”

….know exactly what you want to eat but are too lazy to either fix it or go and buy it?

Just wondering if it was just me.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Do you ever…?

  1. no it is not just you.lolMost of these I have thought myself.Sadly one of them, with my husband. Sometimes he bores me to tears with his conversations about guy stuff ( mechanical stuff, yard work stuff, how he fixed something,) I do think to myself "my lord, would you just finish talking already?" hahaI loved the hair one too – I do that all the time.

  2. The haircut one happens to me every stinking time I want to do something different!!!And the sharp pain one…I go straight to Google to find out what rare disease I just contracted, and how much longer I have to live! 🙂

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