My weekend in pictures

This is what I encountered Saturday morning…

Yeah, not really the way I like to begin my weekend.  My family has some bad habits.  One, is leaving things on whatever surface they pass and then never picking them back up.  Two,  as you can see from th 4th pic, is wearing clothes.  Really, they need to either start recycling their wardrobe or embrace nudity.   
You’ll be happy to know I have addressed the issues documented in these pictures.  I am sad to report that the same issues are replicating as I write. 

One thought on “My weekend in pictures

  1. Okay, I think our families must BE RELATED. Mine do the VERY SAME THINGS!!!! And it drives me CRAZY!!!!!However, I must say 2 things: I LOVE your red walls, and I LOVE your kitchen. More pics!!

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