Kitchen tour—for you MKJ!!!

I posted some pics on Saturday of the havoc my family can wreak on the house.  And my bloggy buddy Miss Mary Kay wanted to see some more of my kitchen.  So, here ya’ go MK!

OK, so this is the wide shot/overview of our kitchen, I am standing in the family room
This is the “small bar” It divides the family room and kitchen,  The cabinets underneath have board games inside.  The baskets on top are pens, notepads, mail, etc.  Yes, it usually looks that jumbled.  And as you can see from the gatorade bottle and bowl, the kids are home.
To the right of the small bar is the fridge
Here you can see the open cabinet where I keep all my cookbooks.  Because this is so full, I no longer allow myself to buy cookbooks.  πŸ™‚  Below I have two jars in which I keep snacks for the kids.  The cabinet under here actually rolls out and holds our trash can.  To the right, you can see our pantry door.
Here’s the pantry and ovens.  Sorry don’t know why this one is blurry

Inside of the pantry.  I’ve posted this before. It is a DAILY job to keep up with this because my family seems determined to thwart my organization
Another shot of the ovens (LOVE my double ovens.  Don’t use them all the time, but when we have a lot of people over, and during the holidays, I make use of them alot!)  Coffee pot, sink, dishwasher.  Love my big window above my sink.  The stained glass humingbird was a gift from my brother in law this past Christmas.
This is the cabinet above my ovens.  Made especially to store my baking pans.  I have drawer beneath the ovens too for storage of similar items
here above the dishwasher I’ve got jars with flour, sugar, and oatmeal.  My mixer is in the corner and the blender.  See my cute cupcake Scentsy?  Just got that specifically for the kitchen
Here’s the stove top with microwave above.  The piece behind the stove top is actually an egg plate I made in pottery that is made like an artist palette.  To the right is my radio—Mr. G got me this for my birthday our first year in the house and I use it daily.  Below is a pic of the four of us, a plant, a lamp, and a Jim Shore angel depicting the Last Supper. 
What looks like a cabinet under the stove top holds these big drawers for my pots and pans
Then when you turn to the right you see over the “long bar” into our dining area.  The plates are from El Mercado in San Antonio.  I got those several years ago.  My curtains I ordered from, the china cabinet I got at an estate auction last year.  Dining table we got at Rooms to Go when we moved in 6 years ago.  My dining are is large so it is always this size–we’ve never even opened it to take the leaf out of it.  I wouldn’t know where to put the two extra chairs anyway.  The two white vases, I posted about these earlier this summer, they are from Hobby Lobby and used to be brown but I spray painted them a couple of months ago.

This is another view of the bar.  The bar stools I found at Lowe’s but didn’t buy.  Which was great because a week later I found them at Big Lots for 1/3 the price!!  The metal basket with the tomatoes in it, I found this summer at Homegoods.  It was only $10!!
These are the large drawers in the center of the long bar.  I love these.  The top one I store all our coffee cups, water bottles, etc and the bottom one is all my plastic storage containers. 
So that’s the tour of my kitchen!  Hope you had fun.  πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Kitchen tour—for you MKJ!!!

  1. You are SO FUN!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you posted all the kitchen pics just for little ole me! :-)Okay, but now I have a problem… I have serious countertop space envy. Also, kitchen bar envy. And Double oven envy. πŸ™‚ Seriously–I LOVE your kitchen! I know why you love cooking in there!Also–your dining table looks so inviting. The forsythia in the white vases just makes me happy. Love.

  2. Dang–I FORGOT to mention how much I LOVE your pantry!!! From the amazing door to the amazing organization. Will you come visit me and make my pantry pretty? I PROMISE–it will fulfill every before/after dream you've ever had….because the before pics would be so terrible!!! Sometime…when my family all goes out of town for a few days without me (I have no idea WHEN that would ever be!!!) I am going to tackle that pantry and make it pretty… Someday! πŸ™‚

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