Friday Faves—the stuff I love this week

Hello lovely friends!  I hope you are having a superior week.  My has been a mixed bag, but lets not get into that right now.  Let’s talk about all the great things that are making my days feel special this week.

Eureka Quick Up stick vacuum—-I bought this kind of by accident a little over a week ago.  I needed a new vac to sweep my floors (I have stained concrete throughout the house)  I thought I was getting the same vac I previously had but then got home and realized this one was different.  It is soooo much better then my old one.  Better suction, a little heavier so it is not always falling over, and a washable filter, so I don’t have to buy a new one every month (I vacuum ALOT)

Yes, this is a picture of rainbow colored straws.  I use one every morning for my iced coffee.  So much nicer then a regular old white/striped straw. 

This may seem weird too…yes, that is a school cafeteria menu.  One of my kiddos is FINALLY eating in the cafeteria and packing one less lunch each day makes my life sooooo much easier.  And on the same topic….

I’m packing bento type lunches for the other kiddo and this is making the lunch packing process much better too.  He is eating much, much more at lunch every day (which was a BIG problem last year) and it actually makes lunch packing much faster, (seems like it should take more time) and healthier.  Can you tell that I really have issues with having to pack lunches each day? 

And finally, my blankie.  This is not a new blanket.  Evan and Mr. G actually bought it for me about 2 years ago at Target for my birthday.  It is a gigantic, king size version of a kids favorite blankie.  It is soft and snuggly and has a satin edge and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  And since it is actually supposed to be below 90 degrees this weekend.  I wanted to share it with you.  It is part of target’s shabby chic line.  I have a pink one on my bed and E has a green one on his bed, and C has a blue one on his bed. (when I love a product i support it!!! )

I hope you have a great weekend!!!


One thought on “Friday Faves—the stuff I love this week

  1. I love your faves!!! Okay, how funny that you mention iced coffee… I am not a hot coffee drinker, but I LOVE mocha frape's. Just this week I have been studying Pioneer Woman's recipe for iced coffee. I have bought the ground coffee (my husband uses a one-cup Keurig), and just need to pick up some cheesecloth. SO, all of that to say…how do you make your iced coffee? I think iced coffee could possibly change my life.LOVE your bright straws. I just love myself a bendy straw.

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