Last days of summer project push

The closet is DONE!!! Yes, it has been months in the making.  And it took the help of my sister in law and my neice.  It ended up in 5 bags for Goodwill, 1 storage tub for consignment and 3 bags of trash but it looks so pretty!!!! See for yourself

And look!!! Mr. G’s side is not only organized and beautiful but it has all been converted to wooden hangers!!
In exchange for all her help on the closet project, I did these for my sis–
She teaches preschool too and needed clipboards for her sign in sheets, sign up sheets, info, etc.  We chose the papers and layout then I mod podged them on to the clipboards and added ribbons to the clip.  Which do you like best?
And then, for my classroom, I needed a bulletin/message board to hang outside my door.  But of course, it had to be fixed up.  I couldn’t put up a plain cork board!
I made the pennant and flowers out of felt and once I get the board hung up at work, I will tack them on.  I thought about gluing them, but I want to be able to switch them out with other colors and seasonal additions to dress up the board.

And then I made my “all about me” poster.  We started doing these a couple of years ago.  Some teachers “recycle” their poster from year to year, but I like to make a new one each year to update the info and change some of the info that I share.  Since alot of our kiddos and families come back every  year I like to change things up. 
I will also have my monthly newsletter, info about the music class, and order forms for the monthly cd’s on here. 
How are you spending Labor Day weekend?  I hope its fun!

One thought on “Last days of summer project push

  1. Oh, that closet is beau-ti-ful!!! I do love an organized space. It's too bad I don't have more of them around my house. If I just didn't have these other PEOPLE living here, I just might! But…I do love those other people…so I guess I'll keep them! 🙂

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