Time for the fair!

Every September the county fair rolls into town.  My husband has gone to the fair pretty much every year of his life.  So of course, it is an annual tradition for us.  Even before we had kids we went.
Most things are exactly the same every year.  There are the rickety rides that cost ridiculous amounts of money that look like they are going to drop you to your death.  The carnival barkers trying to convince you to come over and play the games so that you can win some teensy tiny stuffed animal.  The small town, and kinda hokey, agriculture displays.  All the great arts and crafts that are entered.  We always recognize a bunch of names on the entries and are excited for the friends that win. And there are some “MUST HAVE” things for us to eat each year. “Cuz really, what’s better then fair food?  For Mr. G, he must get a german sausage sandwich.  Everyone has to have some “Aggie fries” which are just french fries but the booth is sponsored by the local Texas A&M alumni chapter.  We also have to have the fresh squeezed lemonade.  It is AWESOME and totally worth the $2.50 per glass.

My fair “must haves” icy cold lemondae and fresh cut Aggie fries.

 For Evan, his must have is…..

A turkey leg the size of his head

he’s channeling his inner Fred Flintstone
He got it to go and tore into it as soon as we got home.  He was afraid he would drop it if he tried to eat it at the fair.

We decided to hit the fair tonight for two reasons.  1:  The kids had free tickets from school and 2: It is supposed to start getting back up into the 90’s starting tomorrow.   85 degrees sounded alot better than 90+ and we also wanted to see if Chris had won any ribbons for his pottery. 

Last year was the first year he had entered anything in the fair and he did really well so we couldn’t wait to find out how he did this year. 

4th place for his cowboy hat

2nd place for his Frankenstein (which I think is AWESOME)

3rd place for his hummingbird feeder

4th place for his basket

And nothing for his hummingbird with flower 😦

He was not completely happy with the results.  He was quite bummed that he didn’t get a first place for any of his pieces.  He has decided that he wants to try his hand at baking and enter cookies and a cake on Monday.

I’ve never entered anything in the fair, even though every year I say I am going to.  This year, I decided that since I was going to take pieces in for Chris anyway,  I might as well take a couple of my pieces in too.

And I won! Both those pots are mine–I got 1st place for the one on the left, and nothing for the one on the right.

Since Chris is going to bake tomorrow, I may finally get it together and bake something to enter too.

And check these out!!!

See that one in the front?  Yeah, that says 105 POUNDS!!! and the one just behind it—128 POUNDS!!!! Can you believe that?  these watermelons weigh as much as some people!!!

Ya’ gotta love the fair!!!  It’s got it all:  food, games, information and education—and I didn’t even mention the WIDE range of folks you see there.  Which, not to be judgemental, but a little deodorant can go a LONG way toward getting to know your neighbors.  I’m just sayin’

So that’s the fair report for 2011–I hope you enjoyed your visit.


4 thoughts on “Time for the fair!

  1. How fun! Did he enter all that from stuff he made a school, or does he do that at home? What good memories. I love the elephant ears at the fair. Always have to have one. Congrats on the blue ribbon, you crafty thang,you!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the fair!! We never get to go to ours, either. It's in the middle of 100 degree summer, and while we're out at our summer camp (an hour away.) Mmm, those Aggie fries look delish! Congrats on 1st place!!!

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