of the Devil!!!

There are just some things that are bad.  They may be bad because they are sooooo good and they lead you into temptation.  They may be bad because they make you feel miserable.  They may be bad because they are just evil.  Here’s my list of items that I think are “of the Devil!”

1.  Homework—-see previous post.  I won’t subject you to a rehash of my daily drama, this is of the make me feel miserable category
2. Balloons—I have mentioned these before too.  Please do not offer one to my child.  These are plain ol’ evil and no good ever comes from giving one to a child. 
3.  Party horns—also pure evil.  They create a teeth griding, nerve shattering screech.  Unless you want my child and the horn in your hand to live with you, don’t give it to him.
4.  Glue guns—yes, they are a useful crafting tool.  They are also great if you would like to permanently remove your fingerprints to begin your life of crime.  I don’t think I have used one yet without causing at least one blister.
5.  Glitter—-another creation of the Devil made for pure evil and the misery of mothers everywhere.
6.  Fresh, hot doughnuts—Ohhh–Emmmm-Geeee, talk about leading me into temptation.  Somehow I don’t think it is good that I can plow through a sack of doughnut holes on the way home from the doughnut shop
7.  Weeds—really?!  I put down herbicide, weed blocking fabric, AND mulch and I still have weeds?!?!? Tell me THAT’S not the work of the Devil
8.  Adolescence—-how on earth can your sweet angel baby turn into the hound of hell of adolescence?  That is not the work of the Lord!
9.  Thumb print cookies with icing in the print—it is possible that someone in this house has eaten a dozen in the last 24 hours.
10. “shaping” undergarmets—-yes, they do smooth out the bumps and make your clothes look great BUT the price is that you feel like a boa constrictor has wrapped itself around your rib cage and the  middle of your thighs.  Definitely the work of the devil.

Blessings friends!


3 thoughts on “of the Devil!!!

  1. Oh my gosh, the glitter gave me a flashback to our high school production of The Taming of the Shrew! I had a make-up case that included a tiny pot of gold glittered make-up and a tiny pot of silver. Someone got into my case, which was no problem. I didn't mind the sharing, but they got into the glitter, which obviously wasn't appropriate for Shakespeare. As you can imagine, it spread like the plague! I don't know who started it or how much they had to have put on, but we had a very sparkly production that night LOL.

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