Red carpet, step, and repeat

Well, about 10 hours after starting, I still haven’t finished cleaning my house.  My bathroom and the boys’ bathroom remains to be completed. 

And it would be great to be able to tell you that the reason it has taken me all day to clean my house is that (a) I am now living in Candy Spelling’s former mansion (b) I won the lotto and it has taken me all day to complete the paperwork to claim my money or (c) I have been so busy making brilliant and creative things that I have not had time for a mundane task such as toilet scrubbing.  Unfortunately, none of these are true. 

Here’s the reality…

I got up and made scrambled eggs for me and the E-man (Mr. G and C were out buying bricks for our patio that is to be constructed).  Loaded the dishwasher and then E and I went back to bed to watch Bakugan and Pokemon (shh, don’t be jealous).  Then I got up and wiped down the kitchen counters and mopped the kitchen.  Break for facebook, email and pinterest.  Clean the family room. Move all calendar appointments from blackberry to iphone. Break for chicken sandwich for lunch.  Make bed, put away laundry, put bathroom rugs in washer.  Take nap.  Take shower.  Check facebook, e-mail, and pinterest (I keep thinking that I might be missing out on something life changing if I don’t check in regularly) Watch 15 minutes of Law and Order SVU that I’ve seen before and didn’t really like the first time. Clean living room and guest half bath.  Stop to check computer again.  Start to clean boys’ bathroom then stop because C decides to take a shower.  Instead go browse Itunes and burn some CDs for work. Start supper.  Write blog…

And here we are.  Stunning isn’t it?  I would like to tell you that my life isn’t always this glamourous  and that I am just a regular mom but, really, that would just be lying.



2 thoughts on “Red carpet, step, and repeat

  1. I love you! lolYour days sound like mine – in the midst of spot cleaning here and there, I'm always working in some blog reading sessions. It's therapeutic and clears my mind for the next round of chores.

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