the day before the day before

Did you used to watch Everybody Loves Raymond?  Do you remember the episode where he is in the airport restroom and a guy sneezes in his face?  then he is certain that he has been exposed to some horrible germ.  And he says to Debra “you know how you feel the day before you get sick?  Well this is the day before the day before.” 

Yeah, I think it might be the day before the day before.  No, no one sneezed in my face.  But, I do spend my days hanging out with germy little people.  The reason that I think I am getting sick is because my throat hurts.  And, I have that weird metal taste at the back of my mouth.  You know the one that seems like you’ve been sucking on a nickel?  And, no, I’ve never sucked on a nickel but I know that if I did this would be what one tasted like.  And I know that at least one of you knows exactly what I mean, because my husband says he knows what I mean, and he wouldn’t just say that to humor me.  Would he? 

Oh, and I have a headache.  Actually, I’ve had a headache every day for the last three days.  The headache may or may not be related to me getting sick.  Because I also decided to un-coffee myself.  I haven’t had coffee since last Wednesday.  So I could have a headache from that. 

And I am thinking about going sugar free.  which I have thought about before but have always fallen through on.  Because, you know, I really, really like sugar stuff.  But, I feel so stinkin’ tired all the time and I think I probably need to clean up my eating habits.  Have any of you gone sugar free?  How did you manage to NOT eat sugar stuff?  I can still have fruit right? 

I’ve noticed that I am rambling here a bit.  Maybe it is the germ.  Of course, I am kind of rambly even when I’m not germy but it is nice to have something to blame the randomness on—so it’s the germ. 

I have another craft post for tomorrow.  But I realized that I forgot to take the final product pic. So I need to take that before I can post.  Or I could post it without but that would really be a lousy post.  So, look forward to it.  Unless I feel really crummy and don’t get it done.  If that happens and you look forward to it, I am sorry I let you down. 

Well, that’s five minutes of your life you won’t get back!  Sorry…I’ll try to do better tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “the day before the day before

  1. Okay, you are funny. However, I am not laughing at your germ. Germs are not funny, and neither are sore throats. Allergies have been killing us lately–we all are on allergy mess rift now. Now, regarding the no sugar thing…I have never been brave enough to try it. But I sure hear amazing results for people who do. I am back on my C25K training–and that makes me feel so much better, so much more energized. Also, I am somewhat tracking my calories/exercise on My Fitness Pal…. Sure hope you feel better soon!!!

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