Sunday crafts pt 2

Hi friends,
Some of you already know that I am off on Fridays this year.  (Hooray, hooray, yippee, woohoo!!!!)  Well, that gives me a chance to get laundry done, house cleaned, groceries bought, etc.  Which means that the weekend is free to hang out with the crazy boys and do some crafts.

I posted a few months ago that I am in the process of making the home office into a shared space that is home office and craft room.  Currently, I have a folding 4 foot table set up in the office that functions as my craft table.  But, I recently bought a wooden table that is going to be perfect in here.  The table is at my father-in-law’s workshop because he is going to prime and paint it turquoise for me.  But I needed a chair for my table.  My father in law had this one but it was missing a seat. 

My father in law cut me a piece of wood to repair the seat.  I bought a 2 inch piece of foam, traced the seat, and then cut out the shape.  Note,  I tried doing this with a pair of sewing shears but the foam was too thick even for those scissors.  So, I ended up using a serrated knife to cut out the seat. 
Then, I laid the seat and foam upside down on the fabric and pulled it taunt and started stapling. The trick to this is to start on one side, then staple the opposite side.  If you try to start on one side and work your way around in a circle the fabric will get woompy on you. 

One thought on “Sunday crafts pt 2

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