another day, another incomplete project

I did not get the fall decorations put out yet.  Mr. G.  Got everything down from the attic for me this morning.  But, by the time he got the stuff down, I was in the process of cleaning and doing laundry.  Then, we had plans to have lunch with Mr. G’s parents which I had to leave early from to go to a staff meeting at work.  So, the current plan is to get some stuff out of the boxes tomorrow afternoon and start “falling” the house up then.  Easier to do anyway when the house is clean and the kiddos are at school.
On a separate note, Mr. G and his dad have poured the concrete outline of the greenhouse and got the posts put up.  They are planning ot start framing it out this week.  I think it will go really fast once they get started.  And, I am finally getting a screen door on the back door!  I am very excited about this.  Once the days start staying below 80, I love having the windows open.  But, I have been wanting to open the back door too but didn’t want to have every bug in Texas in my house.  🙂 

And it is October!!! Yay!! time for fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, cool weather, comfort food.  All of these are really good things. 

It is day 5, or is it 6, of no sugar.  It is definitely getting easier.  However, I was really, really wanting some chocolate earlier.  But, since I didn’t have any in the house, it was easy to not eat any.  LoL.  However, I am planning on making this….

Dulce de Leche Banana Cake Bakers Royale Dulce de Leche Banana Cake

Dulce de Leche Banana Cake

I have some bananas I have to get used and the ladies at work have been asking for some baked goodies.  Plus, for some reason this is just really calling to me.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


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