3 reasons why I have not been keeping up with this blog

This is random but I am suddenly channeling an old Jimmy Cagney movie “I’ve got a tooth ache, see, and so I ain’t been bloggin’ ya’ see”  I think I may be exposing my inner 40’s gangster here.  Not to be confused with my inner gangsta which is a totally different speech pattern and vocabulary choice. 
Any who, I do have a tooth ache.  I finally got fed up with it so I went to the dentist yesterday whence (I don’t know if that is a real word but it sounds cool) whence, I was told that my upper right molars all appear to be perfectly healthy and there is no visible reason for my teeth to hurt.  Except that I’m  nuts.  No, he really didn’t say that.  My dentist is awesome and we all have seen him since C was 3.  He did say that (a) I have a “huge” sinus cavity right above said molars and if I have a sinus infection that could be causing my tooth pain.  I don’t feel like I have a sinus infection.  (b) I could have a nerve that is going bad and could be developing an infection/abcess but it is not present right now.  (c) I am grinding my teeth and/or clenching my jaw at night and thereby causing hyper-sensitivity.  A night gaurd should help this.  So, since there is no visible anything to treat, I got impressions taken for a night gaurd today and go back next week to have it fitted.  Doesn’t that sound exciting?  I’m going for a “fitting”, only it isn’t for anything cool or fun like a special dress.  So, reason one for no new bloggy entries is —toothache
Then we have my children, and my husband.  The husband has been traveling alot which has left me as a single parent.  Which means I am the go to for everything.  And, if you ever doubt or question what your husband does to contribute around the house, send him away for a while and you will have a new appreciation for him.  Especially when both of them need help with homework or when oneo f them is in an awful mood and you are about one breath away from strangling said child.  last night, the youngest, hereafter known as, Mr. “do you want me to smack your lips? Then quit talking to me like that!” had homework he needed help with and then C was working on integers but couldn’t understand what I was telling him and needed one on one assistance.  At least C doesn’t argue with me when I try to help him, unlike Mr. Do you want me to smack your lips?  If I drank, that child would have me swimming in margaritas.  So, reason two for no new bloggy entries is–my children and their demands.  Oh! and their stupid homework that is killing me!!!
And finally, I am planning two events.  Tomorrow is Christopher’s 12th birthday and we are planning a surprise for him.  (I’ll tell you about it after the fact) and then a week from Sunday some friends and I are having a baby shower for our lovely friend Kendra.  We are having it at my house, which means that I am trolling pinterest daily for ideas of what I want to do to decorate the house for the big day.  Kendra was E’s teacher when he was in 3 year old preschool and she was amazing with my baby—so I love her extra for that!  I’ll tell you more about that one after the fact too.  So, reason three for no bloggy entry—-event planning. 
those are pretty good reasons, right?  Sure they are.  I have not forgotten you friends.  Expect a mondo–birthday blow out entry on Sunday.
Til then “Here’s lookin’ at you kid”  (Yeah, I know that one was Bogart and not Cagney


One thought on “3 reasons why I have not been keeping up with this blog

  1. LOL – this post is funny stuff! I love the "Mr. do you want me to smack your lips." Oh how I feel that way sometimes. Good luck with all the festivities coming up!

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