Friday the 14th, my baby is 12!

Friday was Christopher’s 12th birthday.  And I made the mistake of asking the boy what kind of cake he wanted.  This was his response:  Well, I would like a french vanilla cake.  In the middle of the cake I would like it to have raspberry filling, if it is not too much trouble.  And then, vanilla frosting. 
Yes, I think he is watching too much food network.  Anyway, he doesn’t ask for much, so I went in search of raspberry filling.  Which, BTW, is not as easy to find as you might think.  So I settled on the one above.  I didn’t want jelly.  I wanted fruit preserves.  This looked just like raspberries you had cooked down and thickened.  No jelly.  As the cake baked,

I hung up the Halloween countdown calendar I made for the kids last year and filled the pockets with 2 mini candy bars for each day.  They get started on the countdown tomorrow.

Then I did some gardening.  I had picked up this little basil at Lowe’s for $1!! and had big plans to put it in one of my glass storage jars, because I thought that was going to look so cool in the kitchen.  However, the plant was too tall for the jar.  Plan B was this little green pot that I had out in the garage.  I think it looks pretty good even if it wasn’t my first choice. 

Then, my brother in law had given me this little money tree back at the beginning of the summer.  When he gave it to me it was tiny and in this little bitty pot.  Well, the tree had outgrown the pot months ago, and I kept thinking  “I really need to replant that little tree” so I finally got it done. 

here’s the end result of the cake.  it is possible that I didn’t make quite enough frosting so I chose to make it look more intentional by putting it all on the top and letting it slide down the sides. 
He thought the cake was “awesome”  I thought it was good but I wasn’t over the moon about the raspberry filling, but I am not wild about raspberries to begin with and it wasn’t my birthday. 
Mr. G used his “frequent guest” points and got us two nights at a hotel for the birthday celebration.  I don’t know about your kids, but a stay at a hotel, any hotel is exciting for my kids.  However, the youngest cannot seem to grasp the idea that he is sharing space with other people and cannot run around and yell.  We took C’s birthday presents with us and made him wait to open them.  I had been telling him for weeks that I was buying him a pack of underwear and his dad was getting him a pack of socks for his birthday.  He didn’t believe me.  So, of course, I wrapped everything in one box and purposely placed some shirts I had gotten him on top so they would be the first thing he saw..
opening the box…oh, what could it be?!?!
Oh, it’s shirts.  Wow, thanks. They are great shirts. (cricket, cricket, cricket)
Oh, thank goodness!! There is other stuff in here!!
It turned out that he was a little happy with his gifts.  He got some shirts, a game for his DS, a book, and a pack of Redaki cards.  (Please don’t ask me what those cards are…they are some game/cartoon that cost a ridiculous amount of money but are THE thing right now if you are a boy)
He said this was one of his best birthdays ever.  The best one for me was actually 12 years ago, when the baby that I had been told would never be, and that was supposed to be a girl! was born.  He is a joy.  He is a sweet, smart, caring, kind, talented boy who is growing up way too fast for his mama. 
Happy birthday C!  I love you!

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