Coming soon to a theater near you

We went and saw Dolphin Tale this past weekend.  It was great.  All four of us liked it very much.  The boys got into a discussion about whether they liked Soul Surfer or Dolphin Tale better.  It was a tough call and they never did come to a clear decision.  We also talked about all the great movies that are coming out in the next couple of months.  The remainder of 2011 looks to be a great time for families to go to the movies. 
Here is what is coming up…
Elevate on 10/21  this is a movie about young men from Africa who come here on scholarship to play basketball.  It looks really interesting as it follows one young man in particular and the adjustments he makes as he moves from Africa to the US.

Puss in Boots 10/28  we are big fans of Puss in Boots from the Shrek movies so we are looking forward to this one.  The boys actually loved him in the last one when he was fat because they say that is what our cat Oreo looks like. 

I’m not sure I see what they mean..
Happy Feet 2 11/18—the penguins are back!  Only this time the penguin star can’t dance
The Muppet Movie 11/23  The boys really want to see this one but I think Mr. G and I are just as excited to take them since there is the nostalgia factor for us.  This is a visit to the muppets years after they hit the big time.  They are trying to “take the show back on the road”
Arthur Christmas  11/23  Arthur is Santa’s son but he has a problem keeping the Santa secret. 
Alvin and the Chipmunks 12/16—this time the chipmunks and chipettes are on a cruise and get lost at sea then stranded on a deserted island
(And also on the same date, 12/16, not kid friendly, but very mommy friendly, Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows starring Robert Downey Jr.  Yes, I am very, very excited about this one.  My friend Rebecca and I already have a date to go and see it.)
And finally, Big Miracle 1/13 is a movie about 3 whales trapped under the ice in the Arctic Circle and the campaign to save them and help them return to the open ocean.
So that’s it.  Start planning your holiday movie viewing.  And, for Spring Break, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss is supposed to be out in March.  🙂  I love the movies, and I especially love being able to go see a movie with my kids that we all enjoy.  

One thought on “Coming soon to a theater near you

  1. Oh I love movies, too!!! I didn't know about Elevate–but that sounds GREAT. I'd better just start dumping money out of my wallet–because going to the movies has gotten soooo expensive. Especially those 3D ones. Dang. 🙂

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