Dear misguided person,

Today when I was out an about I had some encounters that I felt needed addressing…

Dear Mall Management,
Your parking spaces are way too narrow.  The only cars that can possibly park reasonably in these spots are smart cars or mini coopers.  And, since this is Texas, and the vast majority of drivers are in trucks and/or SUVs the spaces are essentially unusable.  Therefore, until you rectify the problem and widen the spaces, I will be taking up two spaces in the parking lot. 

Dear Scary Unbathed Woman in Michaels,
Most people in stores walk up and down the aisles.  If someone stands at the end of an aisle and does not move, others are unable to enter or exit the aisle.  When someone says, “excuse me” she is politely indicating that you are in the way and you need to move.  Moving our of the way is considered a societal norm.  Thank you for complying

Dear makers of Cricut and/or Michael’s Craft Store,
Cricut stuff is rather expensive.  And despite the cost, many, many people buy and use these products daily.  Therefore, it is not unreasonable and would even be customer friendly, if you would allow the 40% off coupons to be used on Cricut products.   While, I understand that the cutting machine itself likely would not be considered eligible for a discount, I think the numerous other products should be included. 

Dear child I love,
yes, I know that Halloween is little more than a week away.  Yes, I know I promised to make you a Halloween costume.  I will make you a costume.  Just let me get through this weekend and then I will focus on your costuming needs.  OK?  And quit bugging me about the costume. 

OK, that’s it for today.  I hope that this has helped you (mall, Michael’s, cricut, scary lady, and my kid) to see the error in your ways.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Dear misguided person,

  1. My sister and I say to each other: "If everyone just thought like us…the world would be a much better place!!" I hope Mall management, Michael's, and Cricut heed your suggestions. :-)What kind of costume are you making? Or…do you need me to wait until after the weekend to ask? Hee hee

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