She’s GOTTA be older than me!

I’m at the elementary school picking up the E-man, and I see this other mom (I’ve seen her many times before) and I think “she sure looks old to have a kid in first grade.” 

(No, I am not politically correct during my inner voice conversations.)

And then, I think “Do people think that I look old to have a first grader?” 

Which leads to “Do I look like I am over 40?” 

Which immediately is answered by “Nah, I look younger then I really am–I look GOOD for my age!…..Don’t I?” 

So then, as I stand in front of the elementary school waiting for my kid to come out, I start looking at the other people waiting for their kids to come out.

“Hmm, he looks like a grandpa.  Those two are moms—obviously younger than me.  That one is a mom—younger and hotter and thinner than me.  That one is a mom.  That’s a younger mom, but I look better.  Hmm, that one could be mom but could be grandma. If she’s a mom she really needs to rethink those shoes. ” 

(I told you, my inner voice has no filter)

And now I am a bit preoccupied with the whole thing.  I will say that never once has anyone said to me “NO WAY you CAN’T be 41!!!”  Of course, people don’t often ask how old I am either.  Which makes me want to go around and ask people “How old do you think I am?” but then do you really get an accurate picture of how old you look.  I mean, won’t most people say that you look younger then they really think you look.  Of course, if everyone tells me I look about 45 then I know I look a whole lot worse then I think I do. 

Now, that I’ve thought all that out, maybe I should just leave well enough alone and continue to dwell in my happy world where I look younger then I really am and I look better then at least a couple of the moms in the pick up line.  And, I have cuter shoes.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna stick with that—-way less depressing then reality.


9 thoughts on “She’s GOTTA be older than me!

  1. What's 40 supposed to look like these days anyway? With all the nippin' and tuckin' going on, do we really have an accurate gauge? LOL You look fabulous! I woudn't have guessed you were forty. I'd have thought much younger than that. PS…True story…I went to a wedding this weekend and some geezer came up to me and said, "Why the hell is your hair grey? You're too pretty for grey hair." Apparently his inner-thought filter doesn't engage when it travels down to his mouth. ☺

  2. "She needs to rethink those shoes" — You are FUNNY, friend!!!Girl, you look GOOD in your picture. I hope you're not posting a picture like Andy Williams does here in Branson on the Billboards. When you see him in person, you think, "WHO is that little old man???" 🙂 I think his billboard picture may have been taken a few decades ago…And your PS made me GIGGLE!!!! I can't even imagine a little old guy telling you that!! I know I'm in denial…When I look in the mirror, I see someone 10 years younger, and at LEAST 10 pounds lighter…

  3. I love your inner voice 😀 It's so honest! Stopping in from the Archive Link Up… Hope to see you around sometime :D-Jessica{Sugar in My Grits}

  4. This post cracked me up because since I'm so old, I think EVERY Mom has to be at least 40. I just can't fathom it when someone who has a teenager is actually younger than 40. I start doing the math and freak out. My friends all make fun of me when my mouth drops open in a PTA meeting when a lady announces she is 32, looks 45, and has a 15 year old. YIKES!!!

  5. 40, seriously?! You look fantastic! When I started reading this and saw your picture the post title I figured you were younger than me!(I'm 28) Really funny post! I'm stopping by from the Tuesday Archive Link UP and am now a new follower:) Would love if you could follow back when you get a chance;)

  6. I'm certainly glad to know I'm not the only one running inner dialogues like that LOL. Gotta say, I nearly fainted when I read that Gordon Ramsay is the same age is me. I thought he was much older. Makes me worry if I'm kidding myself. ;)This is my first time stopping by via the link-up through Debbie at Wrinkled Mommy.

  7. hahahah – I think your inner voice is my new best friend. Thoughts are so funny because we can think any thing we want and no one will ever know. I tend to over analyze EVERYTHING, just like your inner voice.

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