just too much

I mentioned earlier this week that I am having a baby shower at my house tomorrow afternoon.  To prep for the party I have been busy!  Thursday evening Mr. G and I mowed and cleaned up the yard–it was a mess! Yesterday I ran by Lowes to get some mums to prett up the porch.  Then in the evening I made a couple of deocrations for the party (can’t tell or show until tomorrow evening because the guest of honor reads this—Hi Kendra!!!)  Then I spent all of today cleaning and doing laundry.  And I am still working on it.  I have one load of clothes left to go in the washer—ugh I hate laundry! And I still need to vacuum the kids’ rooms and clean their bathrooms.  I cleaned til 3:00 and then stopped because I promised the kids that I would take them to their school fall festival. 
The fall fest was really cute and there was a lot going on but (a) it was packed!!! We even went early because I thought more people would go later.  Apparently, all the other parents thought the same thing. (b) it was sooooo stinkin’ hot.  Finally, after about an hour and a half,  lil’ E felt like he had done all he wanted to do and he was ready to go.  We stopped on the way home to pick up something for supper.  And now, here I sit, thinking that I really ought to get up and finish that last bathroom but I just soooooo don’t want to do it. 
I still have several things to get done before the shower tomorrow, but I’m thinking that it is all just going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Cuz I am just tooooo tired right now. 
Pics up tomorrow evening!  Can’t wait to show ya’ll what we’ve planned. 


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