Ya’ll are just too kind

Awww, ya’ll make a girl blush!!  Thanks so much for all the kind comments on the family pics.  Erin did a wonderful job and I am very happy with them.  In fact, I just ordered our Christmas cards.  🙂
Now, I have to figure out which ones I want to print and frame.  Still working on that part. 

It’s gonna be cold here the next few days!!! We’re talkin’ highs in the 50’s!! So you know what that means—-SOUP! I already have all my veggies cut up and ready to go for tomorrow’s veggie soup.  And the chicken is already thawing for Friday’s chicken noodle!!  (is it sad that I am so very excited about that?)  This was just such a loooong, dry, hideously hot summer, and the cool weather is so welcome! 
I might make bread too.  Just sayin’—I’m pretty excited about cold weather, and cold weather food.

Blessings friends!


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