The Halloween Costume

Perhaps you remember, about this time last week, I mentioned that my youngest child had been hounding me about making him a Halloween costume.
Wait, let me back up
LAST YEAR, yeah that far back, my then 5 year old, announced that for Halloween THIS YEAR, he wanted to be Billy the Exterminator.  (see pic below if you don’t know who Billy is)

which would be OK, except that leather and spikes are not (a) easy to find for a 6 year old and (b) when you do find them they ain’t cheap.  So, E actually changed his plan a couple of weeks ago and decided he wanted to be a wizard (approximately 4 days after I passed up a wizard costume on the facebook boutique because I thought he would never be interested—ain’t that just the way?!?)  Now, I do not claim to be a great seamstress, but I can sew a straight line, and don’t forget the AMAZING Davy Crockett hat that I created sans pattern during the great Snowpocolypse.  So, I figured that I could come up with a wizard-ish looking cape and hat.  But, last week I was swamped.  It was a crazy week and then I had the baby shower here at the house last Sunday , there was just no getting to the fabric store much less sewing.  I promised the kid that if he would just cut me some slack through the weekend, I would get the costume made. 
Well, guess what, on Tuesday I had a meeting at work to plan our Christmas program so I didn’t run to the fabric store.  But no problem, I still had the rest of the week.  Wednesday  my mother in law had surgery.  I spent the morning at the hospital, then hit the grocery store, picked up the kids and then made supper to send over to the in laws.  Still no fabric store, but I still had the rest of the week.  Hahhahah,, can you guess where this is going?  1:00 a.m. Wednesday nite, the wizard to be woke up with 102 fever.  So I stayed home with him all day yesterday.  I spent the day washing sheets, blankets and towels, making soup, and holding him.  No costume making.  Today, he was worse.  So, we hit the dr bright and early at 8:00 to find out he had a double ear infection and possible strep.  By the time we finished at the doc and the pharmacy it was 11:00.  And it just didn’t seem right to take the sobbing, sick child to the fabric store.  Besides, even if I got the fabric, he wasn’t letting me out of his sight for more then about 5 minutes so I wouldn’t be able to make the costume. 
It is now Friday night and we have trunk or treat Sunday evening and my question is…do I make the costume?  What if I don’t make it and then he has no wizard wardrobe for trunk or treat?  Or…what if I make it and he is too sick to go to trunk or treat?  if I could just convince him to wear his Mario costume, I’d be covered either way.  He already has the costume so if he is well he is good to go and if he isn’t it’s no loss. 
But you know how that works, because I WANT him to wear it he doesn’t want to, but if I was opposed to him wearing it then that would be the only thing he would want to put on his body.  But reverse psychology won’t work because I already suggested the Mario costume to him. 
Good gravy, when did Halloween get soo blinkin’ hard?    What happened to putting on a bunch of makeup, some bracelets and a full skirt and calling it a gypsy costume—or a sheet for a ghost? 
Halloween just ain’t what it used to be folks!  Because when I was a kid it was all about the candy baby!!! And the good candy—like the mini snickers and peanut butter cups not those stupid sixlets and smarties.  Heck, I’d buy the kid the 3lb Hershey mixed bag if it’d get me off the hook at this point.  But, noooo, he wants me to costume him up.  Check in tomorrow–updates to come


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